Florida Passes Legislation Enforcing Turn Signal Use, Citizens Panic

TALLAHASSEE (TNF) After months of bipartisan bickering, the Florida House argued late into early Saturday morning during a special session that saw the passage of HB 469 making turn signals mandatory during all lane merging or turning. The House voted 57-56 for the legislation and it was sent to Gov. Rick Scott’s desk who, on […]

New Petition to Instill Sharia Law in Prisons Seeks Signatures

Clearwater, Fla. (March 19, 2018) A new petition started by the DataTECH Corp., (DTC) seeks signatures to instill Sharia Law in Florida prisons. Citing that current prisons are already overrun with crime and drugs, supporters hope that the passage of Sharia Law in prisons will clear some room for more criminals. When reached for comment […]