Auditions Begin for Tampa Rays Annual “Manta Claus” Stingray Competition

Tropicana Field – St. Pete – Saturday, 2.16.2019 It’s only February, but that’s not too early for the Rays to begin their yearly “Manta-Claus” Stingray beauty pageant talent search. Every year, hundreds of fans compete to see whose stingray is the jolliest, and crown the Christmas Ambassador for the Rays. “I’m so excited, I think […]

Fire breaks out at alligator wrestling event

Land O’Lakes – Pasco County – Sunday, 2.10.2019 In a horrific turn of events, the scheduled bout between man and beast at the Land O’Lakes Colosseum ended in tragedy after a botched pyrotechnic spot resulted in the death of Ronny “The Gator Grappler” Davis.  The Colosseum Wrestling Extravaganza (CWE) main event featured Davis defending his championship […]

Health Concerns Amidst Gov. Shutdown As Tampa Pro Moat Race Rapidly Approaches

Skate Park of Tampa – Tampa – Saturday, 1.19.2019 With less than two months until the world-renowned Tampa Pro brings the globe’s best skateboarding talent and highest Pabst Blue Ribbon consumption rates in America, concerns are beginning to surface over the safety of the most significant contest of the weekend – Moat Race. Every year, […]

New postseason athletic banquet standards delay Bucs banquet

One Buccaneer Place – Tampa – Thursday, 1.17.2019 Following Monday night’s reception for the national college football champion Clemson Tigers at the White House, which consisted of hamburgers from fast food chains McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King, caterers have been forced to temporarily postpone the Tampa Bay Buccaneers postseason banquet. “After the team went 5-11 […]

Tampa Bay Lightning to crank up Tesla coils

Amalie Arena – Tampa – Friday, 1.18.2019In honor of the late Nikola Tesla, and in a synergy cross-promotion effort with the Elon Musk company “Tesla,” for one night only, Amalie Arena will crank up the intensity of the Tesla coils during the upcoming Lightning game against the Dallas Stars.“We’re excited!” Says Chelsea Molton, long-time lighting…

This years’ Daytona 500 to be a one-shot Drag Race from Daytona to Tampa down I-4

Daytona Racetrack – Daytona – Friday, 1.11.2019 In an attempt to boost viewership, instead of the traditional 500 laps around the Daytona International Speedway, this years’ Daytona 500 will be a one-shot Drag Race from Daytona to Tampa down I-4. The stunt from NASCAR is being called “awesome” by local fans. “Instead of driving all […]

Tampa Bay Lightning original season ticket holder still refers to periods as “quarters”

Amalie Arena – Tampa – Tuesday, 1.8.2019 Tampa Bay Lightning original season ticket holder still refers to periods as “quarters” Don “Big Donny” Donaldson, a season ticket holder since the team’s inaugural season in 1992, still refers to the three periods of a hockey game as ‘quarters’. “I guess it’s just a habit I can’t […]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers hire Ybor chicken as head coach

One Buc Place – Tampa – Saturday, 1.5.2019 Dirk Koetter has officially been replaced by an Ybor chicken as head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “It was a natural fit.” Says punting coach, Chad Kickington. “It already says, ‘Buc Buc.’” “I used to feed the bastard.” Says Willie Perdue. “Every day I come out…

Rays Announce New Stadium in North Korea

Tampa – St Petersburg- Thursday, 1.3.2019 The Tampa Bay Ray’s have officially signed a deal to transfer their franchise to Pyongyang, North Korea, after a lucrative deal was offered by the foreign government.  “Nobody really cared about us here, so we figured ‘why not?’” Said Craig Bunt, Spokesman for the team. “Yea, people just kind […]