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Tampa Officially Renames Cuban Sandwich ‘The Tom Brady Meat Sandwich’

The Tom Brady Meat Sandwich, the replacement for a Cuban sandwich

Following a decisive victory at Sunday’s Super Bowl, Tampa Mayor Jane Castor announced that the famous Tampa Cuban Sandwich will officially be named ‘The Tom Brady Meat Sandwich’. “We want to commemorate this momentous occasion by making some changes to the Cuban Sandwich,” said Mayor Castor during a press conference at Café Hey, a small…

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Best Views and Sounds of Tampa Bay

The Best Sights and Sounds

Tampa is home to some of the world’s best views and noises So today we are counting down the top sights and sounds in Tampa Bay 5. Downtown/Ybor City Trolley Hearing the dinging of a trolley bell will let you know you’re on your way to fun town 4. Ybor City Chickens The wild chickens…

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Tampa Bay Named Best Sports City in the World

Number 1

Tampa Bay has become a sports mecca, with teams that are really good at winning games when no fans are in attendance. So today, we are counting down why Tampa Bay Is The Greatest Sports City in the World 5.  The Pitchers These sports players are throwing baseballs really fast and sometimes, they aren’t allowed to…

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Trump Set to Pardon Joe Exotic During Final Day in Office

After much deliberation from President Trump’s team during its final hours in power, a final list of pardons has been released and includes many familiar names.  “We want everyone to know that we take these issues very seriously and everyone that is being released today, we feel has served their sentence for the crimes they…

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Every Street in America to be Temporarily Named after Martin Luther King Jr. for 24 Hours

To commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., every single street in America will temporarily be named after the civil rights activist for the next 24-hours.  “We must recognize the great sacrifices that were made and the people who helped our country progress forward in meaningful ways,” said historian and well-intentioned social scientist, Prence Michaels. “Unfortunately…

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NRSC Selects Rick Scott to Make US Senate More Racist

Rick Scott YouTube

After Republicans lost the US Senate majority, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) selected Florida Senator and Slender Man impersonator, Rick Scott, as their new Chairman.   “As you may have heard, I have just now taken over as the Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee,” said Scott in a video message he released on…

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