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You’ll never believe what Tom Brady’s Horoscope said!


Bringing you the horoscope once again is our resident Horoscopologist, Chris Coon, and this week you’ll never believe what Tom Brady’s horoscope was! Aries While in a coffee shop across from an intellectual, you will unwittingly inspire a new wave of a political philosophy that will revolutionize 22nd century geopolitics. That philosophy: Ugly people should…

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New themed restaurant in Ybor first in Tampa to be 100% flooded


 Good News, Gourmands! A new restaurant, The Crusted Tripe & Busted Pipe has debuted in Ybor City on the corner of 15th St and Ninth Ave, making it Tampa Bay’s first and so far only 100% flooded restaurant. No longer do fine diners looking for the classic “flooded restaurant date” have to go to Orlando,…

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Letter from IRS bodes poor for TNF writer’s future


An email from the IRS was sent to TNF writer Chris Coon, and we’ve published the message in it’s entirety here: From The Internal Revenue Service: To Christopher Coon, CEO of “Chris Coon’s Flimsy Alligator Tax Shelter,” I am hereby denying the tax exempt status of your organization. Your mission statement: “Alligators should be more…

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TNF Highlights Hillsborough High “Coral Reef Club”

Reef Science

“Club of the Month” There are many high schools throughout The Tampa Bay Area and we at Tampa News Force are starting a recurring segment to get to know them better: “Club Of The Month.” We are starting with Hillsborough High School and we have decided to select one of the many student-run organizations at…

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