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Best Boat Rides in Tampa Bay

Tampa News Force Presents - Best Boat Rides in Tampa Bay

Florida’s endless canals and rivers allow folks to explore the natural beauty of this state. That is why today we are counting down the best boat rides in Tampa Bay 5. Alligator Canoe Ride Renting a canoe from one of Floridas many state parks is the perfect daytime activity for those seeking to connect with…

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How to lie to Someone’s Face

There comes a time in every person’s life when they have to either be honest with someone and tell them the truth, even if it’s going to hurt them.  With these tips, you won’t have to worry about hurting them or being honest.  5.  Talk to them as if they were a child Children don’t…

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Homeless Shelter Concert Venue Proposed for Tampa Riverwalk

Homeless Concert Venue

Tampa’s Riverwalk is currently undergoing its biggest transformation, with numerous projects currently blocking pedestrians from enjoying it. “Everyone loves Riverwalk, and in a few years, I think people are going to love it even more.” Said Tampa City Planner, Morgan Tsipar. As part of the master plan, Riverwalk’s Curtis Hixon Park will feature a first-of-its-kind…

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St Pete Mayoral Election Coming to a Disturbing End

The city of St. Petersburg will finally receive closure in what has been described as one of the most violent and disgusting mayoral races in the history of local politics. Mayoral candidates Ken Welch and Robert Blackmon have committed to staying awake until the final vote has been counted and a winner has been announced.…

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Manatee Carcass Buffet Opening in Clearwater Beach

Manatee Buffet

In an attempt to capitalize on the influx of starvation-related manatee deaths, the host of “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” has decided to invest in a Clearwater Beach restaurant that specializes in cooking manatee meat. “We take every manatee death very seriously here at Trevor Noah’s Manatee Carcass Buffet,” said head chef Bobby Suflex.…

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Publix to begin carpetbagging groceries

Carpet Bagger

A new bagging policy at Publix is causing some concerns with customers who are not sure what “carpetbagging” means. “From what I’ve gathered in my quick Google search, it’s some political term,” said Publix bagger Jeni Richards. “They didn’t really train us on it, so I brought this strip of carpet from my house and…

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Rick Scott Accused of Hoarding Aborted Fetuses

Rick Scott Fetus collector

As the Florida legislature readies its Texas-style abortion law, Senator Rick Scott has announced plans to purchase an abortion clinic just to close it. “We are going to shut this abortion clinic down,” said Senator Scott while licking his lips aggressively. “This isn’t about my body, my choice. This is about killing delicious…I mean precious…

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Tampa Sex Workers to Require Proof of Vaccination for Services

Sex Worker

Citing the high number of new coronavirus cases, local sex workers in Tampa have begun asking clients for proof of vaccination before exchanging money for sex. “We have a strong union in this city,” said Tampa Sex Workers Union President, Miguelita Chochita. “Since the beginning of this pandemic, us sex workers have been taking every…

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