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Governor DeSantis creates an OnlyFans

Ron Desantis arrested for stealing from fruit truck

Governor Ron DeSantis recently announced that handling Florida’s COVID-19 crisis has left him lost and confused, and effective immediately he will be stepping down as governor to become a Social Media “baddie.” Governor DeSantis claimed that being the governor was extremely stressful and it wasn’t for him anymore. He has since created an OnlyFans account…

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Alcoholism voted best disease In America

Man prepares to go drinking and driving

There are a lot of diseases in the world, and a lot of them suck. However, Alcoholism is the best one. Reason being is alcoholism is the only disease where you get to drink booze all the time. John Jacobs, co-founder of Tampa News Force, had this to say: “I don’t drink often, but when…

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