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Baby born with mask on

Masked couple

A Polk County woman gave birth to a baby born with a Covid mask on after she claims the child was conceived while both parents were wearing masks.

“We made love while wearing Covid masks because we were in the back of a subway car in New Jersey and you had to have them on. I didn’t think anything like this could happen.” The woman said in a public interview she gave to the press after word had got around about the strange birth.

“This is the first time we’ve ever seen something like this happen.” Said Dr. Abe Beatnik, the physician who delivered the baby.

“The mask is even small and everything, it perfectly fits the baby’s face. We believe it’s made out of a very thin skin filament which somehow grew over it’s mouth.”

Both parents were vaccinated and think that may have played a role.

“I was vaccinated because the PetSmart I work at threatened to fire me, and Jimbo was vaccinated because the dog track he works at required it.” Said Beatrix Bolvelly, the mother of the baby.

She then got a call during her statement from Jimbo where he admitted he lied about getting the vaccine because he was afraid of getting fired.

“Wow, so I guess if one person has it and the other person doesn’t that’s what causes your baby to be born with a skin mask.” Concluded Bolvelly.

The baby was taken from the parents to be studied by the CDC after an agreement was made financially compensating the Bolvelly’s.

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