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Best liquor to drink before sex

Sex Liquor


This is one of the best liquors to have before you have sex because it’s a stimulant as opposed to all other alcohols which are depressants. This shit gets you jacked! Get super hard and pumped and generally excited with this awesome liquor.


It’s actually very beneficial to drink water before you make love because you want to stay hydrated, and also it’s a good lubricant so if you’ve accidentally spilled some all over yourself it will not be a negative.


Pepsi is a soda, and water is also not an alcohol, but I included them on the list because honestly Tequila is the only one that it should be, every other one is depressing you and that’s not fun, so like, you should mostly, if you have to, drink tequila, or whatever, I don’t care, I’m surprised you read this far.

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