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Best places to visit if you’re only in Tampa for one day

One day

Sometimes when you visit a city, you don’t have time to take it all in.  Fortunately for Tampa, we have a few essential spots that will make you feel like you’ve lived here your whole life.

5. The Original Hooters Location

The place that started it all. The Original Hooters location offers everything you love about Hooters, but in the original way it was supposed to be enjoyed.  While many Hooters locations around the country have women serving chicken wings, this place also does that, but it was first.

4. Robles Park

This low-income housing community was built on top of a forgotten cemetery.  Visit this historic neighborhood and explore at your own risk because it’s haunted. 

3. University Mall

Probably the best mall in the entire world if you’re learning to drive, the parking lot is huge and is nearly always empty.  The mall itself has everything from an elementary charter school to a bike shop.  This mall was voted one of the most desolate and bleak places to visit in the world by The Conservative Teen magazine. Exploring the shuttered store fronts and dimly lit hallways of this mall is a rite of passage in Tampa.

2. Feed Depot

This store has everything you will ever need for animals.  Tampa has a lot of animals, so stop by Feed Depot to buy CBD cat treats for all the stray cats you will meet during your stay.

1. Tampa International Airport

TPA is the best airport in the entire world. Chances are, if you’re in Tampa for a little while, it’s because your flight has a layover in Tampa. Thankfully, exploring our airport will let you know exactly what Tampa is all about.  We don’t have much, but what is there is acceptable and probably all you will ever need.

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