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Best places to visit in Tampa if you’re only here for 3 hours

3 hours

3. Nebraska Avenue

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If you’re in Tampa and you only have a few hours before you have to leave, make sure you go to Nebraska avenue, the iconic Tampa staple where a dearth of city history resides. There’s a big fenced-in area near a gas station with giant metal gates I’m pretty sure it’s a government thing, and also you might find you’re next male escort squeeze. Not sure if ladies still sell their hooch on this road, but you can guarantee to find some bop.

2. Publix

Publix workers will soon be required to carry a concealed weapon on them

The grocery selection is immaculate and the sub sandwiches are to die for. I’ve only had one once or twice maybe, the line is always unacceptably long, like who are these people who are waiting 20 minutes to get a sandwich while you stand in an aisle at a grocery store? It’s that good I guess? It is hearty like you can eat one when you wake up and be good when you go to bed later. Definitely, a must-check-out if you’re only in town for a few hours and want to “check out” some fun food consumption.

1. Airport

Tampa International unveils new chemtrail formula

If you’re only in Tampa for 3 hours, odds are you’re in between flights and will be taking off soon to your final destination. But while you’re here for 3 hours you can enjoy plenty of amenities strewn about the Neo-future candy-chrome decor. Coffee shops, convenience stores, and we all know airport convenience stores are like what a 7-11 could be if it has rules and regulations. Nobody’s causing problems at an airport convenience store the way they are the one at the end of your block. Hobos doing crazy shit in and outside of the convenience store in your neighborhood, meanwhile the airport ones, couldn’t be quicker service. They’re only there to cash you out, nobody assumes you’re stealing from these places. Which, you know, akesM tI asierE oT tealS. Enjoy the views and the plane trains all in one central location with easy access in and out, the number one location you will want to spend 3 hours in if you are in Tampa for only that short period of time. Or you could like go to a strip club, or hooters, or the casino, or get drunk at most buildings in the city. Good food and beaches! All of that in the best place on earth! 2x Stanley winnin’ Lombardi trophy swingin’ Champa bay

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