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3 Tampa cops who let you hold their gun

Cop 1

Brian Wilkerson Officer Wilkerson is very cool about letting people hold his gun. He usually patrols around the Downtown/Channelside area, he’s got a thick, brown, mustache. If you see him just say, “Hey Wilkerson! Can I hold the steel for a moment?”  Odds are he will be cool about it and let you hold his…

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Where are they now: The Island Boys

Island BoysNT

Here at Tampa News Force, we like to keep tabs on our favorite celebs in a feature we call, “Where are they now: (Insert name here)”. In this week’s edition, we’re checking in with those lovable scamps, The Island Boys! What are they doing? What have they been up to since the last time we…

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Top Five Secret Cruise Ship Amenities

Between the sight-seeing, the food, the pampering, the entertainment, the activities and so much more, there’s a lot to love about taking a cruise. But did you know there are amenities you didn’t even know about? Obviously not, otherwise you would have known about them. That won’t be a problem for you anymore, though. Because…

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Ybor nightclub hires lavatory lector

Lavatory Lector

“BUS”, a new night club recently opened in Ybor City is introducing a customer service feature they hope will help them stand out from their competitors. “Hello. My name is Hector. Hector the Lector,” says an elderly Cuban man, introducing himself to me. “Hi. So, you’re like a restroom attendant?” I said, to which he…

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Apple adds abortion emoji


Due to abortions’ increase in relevance, the new Apple IOS update will include 16 new emojis, including 3 abortion ones. The head of Apple’s iPhone emoji development team, Jack Kingoff, was quoted in a public relations meeting saying, “People need better ways to communicate delicate issues going on in their lives, and we’ve created the…

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Mons Venus discontinues attractive, young entertainers

Mons Women

Following what has become an established-but-annoying business trend, Tampa’s world famous Mons Venus “gentleman’s club” has announced that they will no longer offer young attractive women for the sake of providing entertainment to club patrons. “Yeah, we know people are going to be disappointed because the hot strippers were very popular, but we just can’t…

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Local rando opens for Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Opener

Some random dude opened for rapper, songwriter, and record producer Kendrick Lamar, frequently cited as one of the most influential artists of his generation, at a concert last night at Amalie Arena in Tampa. The guy directly called the arena yesterday and asked to open for the 14-time Grammy Award winning artist in town as…

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Tampa man wishes people would stop talking about homoerotic aspects of Top Gun movies while he’s trying to masturbate to Top Gun movies

Top Gun

Tom Rowrf of Tampa wants people to stop interpreting certain imagery in the Top Gun series of films as homoerotic. “Seriously. Knock it off already. You are ruining this for me,” said Rowrf. “‘Top Gun’ and ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ are not gay and neither am I.” “I masturbate to them because I just really like…

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