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Bridge tender does job for the first time in his career

Drawbridge in Tampa goes up for the first time in many years

Henry Lopez, a bridge tender responsible for the Brorein Street drawbridge in downtown Tampa raised and lowered the bridge for the first time in his 51-year career yesterday. “I was hired in 1968 but I’ve never had to actually operate the equipment before,” says Cooper. “It was a pretty exciting day. Honestly, I’d have to…

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City of Tampa Parking Department wants to set record straight

Downtown Tampa Parking Plan

The Parking Division of the Logistics and Asset Management Department for the City of Tampa is tired of people referring to 717 Parking, a privately held company, as a ‘mafia’ organization. “717 is not ‘the mafia’,” says Kelly Stephens, CPP, Parking Division Manager. “We’re the ones out here doing gangster shit. 717 is amateur hour,…

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Tesla Partners with Bird to Introduce Cyberscooter

The Scooter Company Bird has teamed up with Tesla to bring the latest in people moving technology to the masses

Following close on the heels of the announcement of the new Tesla Cybertruck, the innovative company that has made a name for itself by providing sustainable energy solutions is not slowing down. On Sunday morning they announced plans to partner with popular electric scooter company Bird to produce a Cyberscooter. During a press conference held…

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Florida Georgia Line sponsors abortion cruise

Florida Georgia Line on a Cruise

Country band Florida Georgia Line is sponsoring an upcoming cruise leaving out of the Channelside port with the focus of the cruise being a free abortion clinic that will be running throughout the vacation. The band partnered up with CostCo as part of a new “freedom of choice” campaign, where women can board the cruise…

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High speed chase barrels through Tampa neighborhoods

Man in High Speed Chase hanging out in a field

A high-speed car chase, like something you’d see in a movie, roared through Robles Park and Tampa Heights today, destroying property and killing numerous people. “I’m sorry, I just suddenly really wanted a watermelon,” says Burt McQueen, a lawyer who works in downtown Tampa and a participant in the chase. “I was on my way…

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Tampa to pay drivers who are stuck in traffic

Tampa Traffic from the Sky

As part of a new construction plan, Tampa will now employ hundreds of homeless people to walk on the highway while traffic is stopped to give drivers $10. “We’ve been throwing money at our highways for decades, and nothing ever seems to work,” said Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) representative Kennie Wheelis. “After our latest…

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