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Clearwater man advocates for Super Bowl becoming official holiday

Craig Shoomaker of Clearwater firmly believes that the Super Bowl, the annual championship of the National Football League, should be declared a federal holiday. 

“It just makes sense; it’s a day when we all come together and celebrate,” he said. “Isn’t that what holidays are for?”

He gestured to the people gathered at the Super Bowl party he was attending and said, “Look! Everybody is here and having a great time. Except for Heather, who… oh wait; she is here… oh my God, Heather is here.”

At that point, Heather heard her name, looked over smiling and said, “Hey, hi Craig!”

Shoomaker smiled back weakly, waved and said ”Merffp” which made Heather laugh and say, ”you crack me up, Craig!”

“Oh my God, I didn’t know she would be here. I mean, I certainly hoped she would be; I probably wouldn’t have come if I didn’t think there was a chance,” he said. “Isn’t she pretty? I think she’s so pretty. And she’s a really nice person too. She has a dog. I just think she’s… Oh my God. Heather is here!”

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!”

Heather is a former co-worker of Schoomaker and he only sees her when a gang of mutual friends and co-workers get together. The last time he had seen her was at a New Year’s Eve party.

It was suggested that he go over and talk to her and he hissed back, “Shut up, man!” while trying to look at her without being caught looking at her. 

The next time he’ll see Heather is likely to be St. Patrick’s Day. 

“See? That’s what I’m talking about. The problem is all the good holidays are bunched up together. There just aren’t enough good ones scattered throughout the year. Yeah, there’s MLK Day and Memorial Day and those are fine. But nobody gets together to eat, drink and wear costumes for those. At Halloween last year, Heather dressed as a cheerleader and… oh my God,” he said. “But yeah, that’s why Super Bowl Sunday should be a holiday.”

Clark Brooks

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