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Couple selling extremely rare real estate plot in Tampa

House for sale

Doug and Amanda Schbluth of Tampa Heights are selling their home, which happens to be the most unique house in the city: it’s the only structure in Tampa not built on top of an abandoned black cemetery.

“That certainly isn’t why we bought it,” said Doug. “But it is why we’re selling it.”

“We’ve always wanted to live on top of an abandoned black cemetery like everyone else. It’s a status thing,” said Amanda. “If we didn’t, we’d live in Pinellas County. So we were heartbroken when we found this out.”

Appraisers value the Schbluth’s 1 bedroom/1 bath house and the 435 square foot property it sits on at approximately $11m dollars. “That has nothing to do with the cemetery thing though,” said their realtor/barista Caitlyn Cheddar-Jack. “Real estate is just really pricey right now.”

Clark Brooks

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