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CPAC stage sold to Brooksville man

CPAC 2021 stage

The stage used at the recently concluded Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Orlando has been purchased by a man in Brooksville.

“I’m thrilled to add such a beautiful and important piece to my collection”, said Vern Luger. “It is very pretty.”

The stage’s design, featuring a diamond shape with bent extensions branching off to the sides, generated controversy when observers noticed it’s resemblance to an Odal rune, a symbol used on some Nazi uniforms as well as modern extreme hate organization and pointed out the similarities on Twitter.

These concerns were dismissed by CPAC organizer Matt Schlapp, American political activist, lobbyist and chairman of the American Conservative Union.

An unnamed spokesperson for the Hyatt Regency Orlando said, “We don’t care. Just get that fucking thing out of here.”

When asked what Luger plans to do with a large scale performance stage, he said, “It’s a stage? Huh. I just thought it looked really cool. Something about it really appeals to me, on a deep-down level.”

Clark Brooks

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