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DeSantis Disappointed to Learn Homelander Isn’t Real 

Upon learning that fictional character Homelander had not accepted his invitation to a private holiday cookout at the governor’s mansion later today because he’s a fictional character, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is said to be deeply disappointed.

“It’s an extreme letdown that the Homelander will not be attending the sixth annual Ronnie D’s Independence Day Good Times Weenie BBQ (now with CORN!) for Freedom because he’s fake,” said Sabrina Goofrey, a spokesperson for the governor’s office. “The governor admires him a great deal.”

The Homelander is a supervillain and one of the main antagonists of the comic book and television series “The Boys”, a character that is depicted as an egotistical and sadistic narcissist. 

“Yeah, well, you say all those hard to pronounce words but the governor says ‘Good Floridian’,” said Goofrey.

This is the third year in a row that DeSantis has been unable to book a celebrity guest for the event, having previously gotten similar non-responses from Izaya Orihara from the anime series “Durarara!!” and Omni-Man from the cartoon series “Invincible” for basically the same reason.

“This one is especially disheartening because the governor was really hoping to learn how he could develop heat vision,” said Goofrey. “You wouldn’t see the Wokes making fun of his footwear if he could melt their faces off.”

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