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DeSantis signs legislation to deal with flooding caused by who-knows-what

On Wednesday in Tarpon Springs, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed two bills intended to make Florida better prepared for future flooding and sea level rise.

”There’s no question that Florida is at serious risk from flooding and other detrimental effects caused by severe weather”, he said. “The only real question is why occurrences of extreme atmospheric conditions seem to be increasingly frequent and more destructive, and the answer to that is nobody can possibly know. So, here’s some money.”

When someone suggested that state leaders are choosing to focus on expensive consequences of climate change rather than acting on causes and that more effective, long-term solutions could result if the state took more proactive measures like strictly regulating fossil fuel emissions that contribute to global warming, he replied, “Whoa, whoa, whoa! We’re not talking about any crazy, unprovable, half-baked conspiracy theory nonsense being advanced by people who haven’t done any actual research into the matter, choosing instead to blindly accept without question whatever they’re told based on personal ideologies here. No, the fact of the matter is it’s because of God or something probably.”

Clark Brooks

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