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Diehard Vipers fan just found out team no longer exists

Tyler Gertle, a self-described “superfan” of the XFL’s Tampa Bay Vipers has just become aware that his favorite team doesn’t even exist anymore.

“I was at Applebees Saturday night and there was some football game on, between teams representing Houston and Orlando. I was like, ‘oh, Orlando has a new lower tier, bush league football team? Ha ha! Good for them’,”he said. “They had green uniforms and that reminded me, ‘oh yeah, I should check out the Vipers schedule’. Because I had completely forgotten about them but realized they must be starting up again pretty soon.”

He said, “Then I completely forgot about them until Monday afternoon and got distracted before I could look at the schedule. Then I forgot again until yesterday when I remembered again for some reason. This time, I checked Google and found out that the season has begun but the Vipers moved to Las Vegas!”

“Orlando is now the only football in Florida!”

“What the hell, man,” he added, frustrated and defeated. “I’ve devoted my whole life since their third consecutive undefeated championship season. Fang gang for life, baby!”

The Vipers played exactly one season, going 1-4 in 2020, a season truncated by COVID-19.

“Oops, that’s right. I forgot,” he said.

Asked how he would fill the sudden void in his life, he replied, “Huh? Oh yeah, the Vipers. I keep forgetting.”

“Go Rays, I guess,” he said with a shrug.

Clark Brooks

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