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Downtown Tampa’s The Hub to Release Own Line of Vape Juice

The Hub to release new line of vape flavors based on the stuff you taste in the bar

Downtown Tampa – Hillsborough County – Monday, 6.17.19

One of downtown Tampa’s cultural centers, The Hub, announced big plans to release their own line of nicotine vape juice in an effort to reach a younger generation of cool people.

“I don’t chain smoke cigarettes like I used to,” says retired schoolteacher Meggie Murkle. “The only thing I miss more than smoking cigarettes in class is having my clothes smell like The Hub after hanging out there for a few hours. Basically every teacher in Hillsborough County would hang out there until they kicked us out every school night.”

Murkle began to refill the vape juice on her giant electronic smoking apparatus. “All these flavors are inspired by things you would find at The Hub.”

The lineup of flavors include: Cheap Whiskey, Warm PBR, Burning Vodka, Shitty Band, Cuban Sandwich, and The Hub Classic Flavor.

“The classic flavor reminds me of all the past mistakes I’ve made,” said Murkle as she sucked on her robot pipe.

All vape juice flavors are available now and can only be purchased from the bar in loose change. Teens who cannot enter the bar are encouraged to reach out to one of the many Hub ambassadors, who hang around outside the bar, to go in and buy it for them for a small upcharge.

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