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Five health tips that your cat DOES NOT want you to know about

Cats hate

1. Excercise 

Cat that is working out

Exercise is one of those things that requires the human (you) to leave the house. Cats don’t like that. But what you don’t know about exercise is that it can actually help you lose weight, and maybe even gain some muscles along the way. 

2. Cucumbers are good for you

Despite looking like a green penis, cucumbers are actually incredible for your health. They’ve got vitamins and nutrients and good calories, not like a cheeseburger. Eating cucumbers can actually be incredible for those trying to eat healthy or are trying lose weight. Your cat might think the cucumber is a snake, but rest assured, it’s not. 

3. Tuna and chicken are NOT the only foods

There are actually lots of foods, not just tuna and chicken. While this might surprise some, some foods are actually fruits, others are vegetables, and there are even nuts! tuna and chicken are NOT the only foods you can eat. Ask your local grocer if they have foods that are not tuna or chicken! 

4. You don’t have to eat every time you hear food rustle in a bag

While the rustling of food in a bag triggers a Pavlovian response in most humans, it doesn’t actually mean that you have to eat something right then and there. You can actually hear the sound of food rustling in a bag and then not eat until later at a regularly scheduled meal time! It sounds crazy, but just because you hear the food rustling in the bag, doesn’t mean you have to eat right then and there. 

5. Cat meat is incredibly lean 

Cats run, A LOT. This means cats are mostly muscle, and that means extra protein. Eating your cat can not only be a healthy alternative to, say, pork chops. But it can also be a great source of organic protein after a long workout. Forget fancy powders or supplements, just eat your cat! You’ll be blown away by the results.

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