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Happy Plane Train Premiere Anniversary Day!

Plane Train

On this date, November 11, in 2018, the world witnessed the premiere of Tampa News Force’s first film, “Plane Train”.

Ah, 2018. The world was a very different place. Donald Trump was still the President of the United States of America. We witnessed a Supreme Court nominee cry about beer. Kanye West was still just a genius. Sears and Toys R Us both went bankrupt. There were probably a few school shootings that we prayed and thought about before forgetting they ever happened due to new ones happening in 2019.

And, most significantly, we learned (with invaluable assistance from TPA Director of Communications Emily Nipps) that stand-up comedy for captive audiences on an airport shuttle train is a great idea.

Today, many of you have the day off and various institutions like schools, banks and government offices are closed in observance of this occasion. Or some other reason. Either way, enjoy this special day and celebrate by enjoying “Plane Train” again! Also enjoy these rare behind-the-scenes photos!

Director Josh Santos sets up one of the first shots
Standing Room Only
General level of interest from attendees
Hilarity continues even during breaks.
We have a poster!
We’re in a theatre!
You have questions, we have answers
Teamwork: Emily, Clark, John & Josh
That’s right, we have an IMDB listing