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Kevin Federline becomes part owner of the Lightning


Former husband of pop star Britney Spears, Kevin Federline, has become a minority owner in Tampa’s professional ice hockey franchise.

“Yea I love clouds and shit.” K Fed said.

“Lightning shoots out of clouds, I like clouds, ipso-facto, I need to buy a hockey team.” He said emphasizing each part of the sentence by chopping with his hands.

He paid $300,000,000 for his %10 stake in the team, and when asked how he still had so much money to invest in endeavors like this he claimed, “I had a really good deal with that cell phone company that one time, and also in the divorce I got a pretty good amount of money.”

Federline then waved to the press core and reboarded his double-decker jumbo jet.

He’s expected to go to between 1-10 games in person to support the team but he’s stated he may just “not go to games” because he, “doesn’t feel like doing stuff sometimes.”

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