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Life Is Good

LIFE IS AMAZING EVERYONE!! I don’t know why people worry about life so much! It’s honestly annoying, life is extraordinary! Life is brILLIANT! There are infinitely inspiring and fun activities to do, cool people to meet and connect with, projects to accomplish while working together with others in meaningfully artistic human ways! I know it’s cliche, but it really is true— YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! !! Your entire life, thoughts, experience, emotions, perceptions, desires, it’s all focus— and whatever you set your focus on will happen. YOU will make it happen. Everything you want to do in life is achievable! Things are only hard because people make you think they’re hard. Everything is just practice. Anything you want to accomplish, you can. Heck, I could start a business! Whoops, I mean YOU could start a business! I know it’s not always easy when not everyone in your life agrees with your goals. But you have to just go for things, live your life how you want anyway, remember LIFE IS AWESOME, LIVE YOUR DREAM, and even if you don’t see them now, know that there really are truly supportive genuine people out there. For example, this morning I was working at my cubicle in the basement when Josh, John, and Clark walked over to greet me.

“Hey C! You’ve been doing really great work around here” Clark said.

“Oh thanks guys, that means a lot. I’m just trying my best ya know.” 

“We got you a little something to welcome you to the TNF office! Keep it up!” Josh said, then handed me a small vessel of white powder, then took it back grabbing it out of my hand and poured it on my desk in a line. “Enjoy” said John with a wink, as they started to exit.

“So wait how do I.. do I put it under my tongue? Like this, is this right?… Actually, sorry I don’t want to bother you all, I’ll figure it out!”

IT’S GREAT to have coworkers who are true friends and really look out for one another!! It’s comforting to know there are a lot more people like that out there than you think. I don’t know why people get so stressed about things. Like how they look or if other people like them or if they put on matching socks in the morning. IT’S FUCKING SOCKS! NO ONE CARES! WHy would you spend even a SECOND of your precious invaluable time looking for that one other sock you can’t find in your linen drawer that’s the same shade of grey as the one over your left ankle, just so you can, what IMPRESS someone? DO you really think someone’s going to notice? “Oh hey Dave, great socks today” it’s not gonna happen! People will notice if you don’t match your socks— they’ll probably think it’s a fad or something and like you more. Get a grip and stop worrying about all these little tiny miniscule most miniature of unimportance things in life. WHOOOO I FEEL SO FREE!! !!!!

Cannzana StockWil

About Cannzana StockWil

Journalist, Author, and Academic. Studied Florida extensively at New College of Florida. Definitely not an undercover Florida rapper with the name C✰.