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Lightning dress code expanded to accept anything

Amalie Arena New Dress Code

In the wake of a recent incident captured on video of Amalie Arena staff members attempting to enforce a dress code policy that went viral on line, the arena has announced that the parameters of the policy have been broadened and will now allow patrons to wear anything they want.

The previous policy was as follows:

“Only Lightning-branded or ‘neutral’ attire and apparel will be permitted in the Club and the Club-designated seating areas during Lightning playoff games (including any pre-game and any post-game activities). Any attire, apparel, articles of clothing, accessories (e.g., hats, lapel pins, hair accessories, jewelry), or promotional collateral (e.g., mini-flags, noisemakers) that are branded with the name, logo, or registered mark(s) of the then-current playoff opponent of the Lightning are expressly prohibited in the Club and in the Club-designated seating areas (together, the “Restricted Apparel”). ”

Previous Lightning dress code

The areas impacted by this dress code restriction encompassed a total of 1,623 seats in a small handful of select, “premium” sections out of a full capacity of 19,092 throughout the arena, or 8.5% of available seats, leaving 17,469 seats with no restrictions of any kind.

Recently, a visiting Florida Panthers fan who was fully informed of the policy in advance decided to show up wearing his team’s jersey in one of the areas in question with the obvious intention of making a name for himself on YouTube by initiating a confrontation with arena staff and putting it on video, going so far as to use his young son as a prop.

“In light of that unfortunate interaction and the resulting negative feedback, and with an interest in making the guest experience at Amalie Arena as enjoyable as possible for ALL patrons, beginning with Thursday night’s second round NHL Playoff home game against the Carolina Hurricanes, we’re adjusting the policy slightly to be more accommodating”, said Arena Team spokesperson Keesha Hyoose.

“Screw it. You know what? Just go ahead and wear whatever you want.”

New Lightning dress code

“Seriously”, said Fawlk. “The bitchy little online comments from people who’ve never been here, and will probably never come here, which outnumber negative actual, in-person encounters by about 10,000-to-1 just aren’t worth the hassle.”

Clark Brooks

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