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Local film to get dark-and-gritty reboot

Plane Train Reboot

“Plane Train,” the beloved 2018 film produced by Tampa News that was featured at the Dunedin International Film Festival, is being rebooted by Warner Brothers Studios with a different, more violent storyline and different, more violent movie stars.

“It’s time,” said James Cameron, the director attached to the project.

The original “Plane Train” was a documentary directed and shot by Joshua Santos that featured two Tampa Bay comedians (Clark Brooks and John Jacobs) surprising airport passengers with a stand-up comedy show on the airport’s shuttle train. All of the captive audiences’ reactions, from confusion to enjoyment to confusion to annoyance to confusion are captured in the film, which was shot entirely on location at Tampa International Airport.

In this version, two Tampa Bay comedians, played by Harrison Ford and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, have to take a break from performing their stand-up comedy show on the airport’s shuttle train to thwart terrorists who are trying to blow up Tampa International Airport.

“Ultimately, our heroes are triumphant and defeat the terrorists who all get killed because of course,” said Cameron. “But I’m still going to blow up the airport.”

As is the local filmmaking standard protocol, the story which takes place entirely here in Tampa at Tampa International Airport will be produced exclusively in Atlanta, Georgia, with a full-scale, detailed replica of the airport, including the award-winning restrooms, and will be released in theaters and for streaming via Boost Mobile on July 4, 2024.

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