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Man Wearing Rays Hat Surprised to Learn They Are Doing Well

Rays hat

While out getting drunk for his best friend’s birthday, a Tampa man was recently surprised to learn that the Tampa Bay Rays are doing well this season.

“Honestly I don’t even know how I ended up owning this hat,” said Fabio Sukiyo, a 32-year-old man from Seffner.  “I haven’t watched baseball in over 10 years, and I have never been to a game at Tropicana field.”

Sukiyo then dared me to get blackout drunk with him.

“Come on dude, it will be a lot of fun,” Sukiyo said while waving a beer bong in front of me.

“Why did you bring that beer bong into an Applebee’s?” I asked Sukiyo.

“That’s how we like to party here,” he said before throwing up all over the table.

Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash was hanging out in the Applebee’s and witnessed the whole exchange with Sukiyo.

“I overheard you saying that you had never been to a game at Tropicana Field,” said Cash to Sukiyo. 

“Who the hell are you?” Sukiyo said angrily.

“I’m the manager of the Tampa Bay Rays.” Said Cash.

“What is that like the guy that schedules the games or something?” Asked a confused Sukiyo.

Cash went on to describe the job of the manager in baseball. “Basically, I’m like the head coach.” 

“Oh okay, hell yeah dude you want a beer bong?” Sukiyo asked Cash.

“Sure!” Cash responded in an excited fashion. 

We all ended up getting really drunk and Cash invited all of us to the next Rays game at Tropicana.  Unfortunately, everyone that was invited to the game had other plans and couldn’t make it out, but we assured him that we totally support the Rays and are really happy they are part of Champa Bay.

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