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Marketing professional shatters inflatable ceiling

Lady Tube

The Closet of Classè women’s clothing store at 13112 N Florida Avenue in Tampa that focuses on providing the best prices for quality, trendy and stylish clothes, accessories and jewelry has employed the first female inflatable dancing tube man.

“Well, I think it’s wrong that you’re assuming the inflatable dancing tube person’s gender based solely on their physical appearance,” said store owner Shanae Simon. “But yes, we’re very much invested in empowering women so we are proud to blaze a new trail in the world of inflatable dancing tube advertising.”

Neb Puffler, the manager of a nearby used car lot on Florida Avenue near Busch Boulevard utilizes a dancing tube person who identifies as male (he/him).

“Good for she/her”, he said. “Sure, she/her deserves the opportunity but let’s see if she/her earns she/her shot or if this is just some social justice, politically correct, equal rights stunt that unfairly keeps a more legitimately qualified inflatable dancing candidate from holding a spot that they actually deserve. There’s a lot more to being an inflatable dancing tube than just flopping around spastically, drawing attention from people passing by in an effort to notice your store so they stop in to patronize your business, you know.”

“Well actually, that is all there is to it”, said Ms. Simon, inflatable dancing tubesplaining the situation to Mr. Puffler.

Clark Brooks

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