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New York Sports Fan Hates Living in Florida Now

Steve Brewfarht, a self-described “diehard” fan of the New York Yankees, Mets, Rangers, Islanders, Knicks, Jets and Giants, says he hates living in the state of Florida… now. 

“New York used to be the city of champions. We won championships in everything, all the time and part of that was absolutely dominating all the crappy teams in Florida all the time and I loved it, seeing all the stupid yokels around here all sad and butthurt. It was glorious,” he said. “But that hasn’t happened in a long time and if anything, it’s reversed. And I hate it.”

The last team from New York to win a championship since the Giants won Super Bowl XLVI in 2011, recently the Florida Panthers eliminated the Rangers in this year’s NHL playoffs and could win the Stanley Cup tonight.

“People around here laugh at me and my teams now, saying we suck and I can’t even say anything because it’s true,” he moaned. “It hurts so bad because New York sports was special, every team in Florida stunk and my life here was great. Now even colleges nobody ever head of like FAU are good, the Rays and Bucs make the playoffs all the time, either the Lightning or the Panthers are in the Stanley Cup Finals every year and New York is just another place where teams don’t win. It might as well be San Diego.”

“I hate it here so much.”

Asked why he ever left New York or why he doesn’t just return, he replied, “oh, I was born and raised in Tampa.”

Clark Brooks

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