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DeSantis visits local Thigh restaurant

By Clark Brooks | March 20, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis visited Tampa yesterday for the express purpose of dining at Si-Am Thaimerican Restaurant on Franklin Street downtown. “Man, do I love some good Thigh food. The authentic stuff, like the Thigh people make in Thighland. Pad Thigh is probably my favorite. I also like Thigh Spring Rolls, Thigh Salad, Thigh-style Chicken…

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Stick it to TNF

How to $tick it to Tampa News Force

In an obvious effort to curry favor with poor, put-upon, tough-as-nails-yet-apparently-thin-skinned Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Florida Senator Jason Brodeur (R-Lake Mary) has introduced “Senate Bill…

Dead Comic

Tampa comedian dies trying to write perfect topical joke

Tampa stand-up comedian Glenn “Glizzy” Werthers, best known for his persistent efforts to get everyone to call him “Glizzy”, was found dead in his apartment…

These 3 numbers could change your life

By John Jacobs | March 5, 2023

No, I’ve got nothing sorry. I couldn’t even pretend to come up with one for this one. I just like when headlines say stupid shit like “This thing could change your life forever.” It never does. Honestly I’m not sure if anything I’ve ever read or heard has changed my life forever. When I was…


Diehard Vipers fan just found out team no longer exists

Tyler Gertle, a self-described “superfan” of the XFL’s Tampa Bay Vipers has just become aware that his favorite team doesn’t even exist anymore. “I was…

Clearwater bookie refuses to accept Super Bowl prop bet

Cliff Sizzli of Clearwater, operating from a home “office”, offers a service to people by transacting illegal, unsanctioned bets of all kinds on sporting events.…


Little League team forced to practice in secrecy

By Clark Brooks | February 24, 2023

The Palma Ceia Little League Minor B Rangers have gone into hiding to practice for the upcoming season due to the DeSantis administration’s recent efforts to suppress Black history education initiatives. “I don’t think it necessarily qualifies as Black history,” said Rangers head coach Greg Sanders. “But I guess you really can’t be too careful…

Arts and Entertainment


Will AI replace or enhance imagination?

Everyone’s pussy’s have been squirting over the new AI art programs. “Are computers going to replace us? Will they take our jobs? Are they more…

Final Countdown

Tampa man enjoys “The Final Countdown” unironically

Wilbur Bruceforce of Tampa has discovered a song from the 1980’s that he really likes; “The Final Countdown” by the band Europe from their 1986…

Prince Bully

Tampa teenager wishes he had been old enough to bully Prince

By Clark Brooks | March 14, 2023

Chamberlain High School senior Corey Chuggler is looking back on his lengthy bullying career with few regrets but with one notable exception. “I wish I’d had the opportunity to bully Prince,” he said. “That would have been a real accomplishment.” Chuggler explained, “He was of small stature, he dressed differently, he was far more talented…


2023 Municipal Election

Tampa News Force 2023 Guide to Tampa’s Municipal Election

Tuesday, March 7, 2023 is Tampa’s Municipal Election. This election will secure jobs for City Council members and the Mayor, as well as provide residents…

Gov Dilbert

DeSantis has new favorite comic strip

Florida governor Ron DeSantis recently discovered the syndicated comic strip ‘Dilbert’, and it has immediately become his favorite. “It’s just so funny! Look at him,…

Castor Pool

Mayor Castor Vows to Accomplish Nothing for Four More Years

By Josh Santos | March 7, 2023

Tampa’s Mayor celebrated her upcoming victory in the 2023 municipal elections during a dinner this weekend where she touted her lack of accomplishments to a crowd of supporters. “For the last four years, Tampa has become more expensive, crowded and impossible to get around,” said Mayor Castor to the three people in attendance.  “I just…

Local and Community


Tampa woman claims to “hate” Girl Scout cookies

A woman in Tampa has taken an extremely rare and unpopular stance on one of America’s most beloved traditional institutions: Girl Scout Cookies. “I hate…


Guy overshares because he has no friends

A man in a bar in St. Pete overshared to a group of people he didn’t know because he doesn’t have friends so he doesn’t…


Trans ableist micro aggression triggers Taylor Swift fans

By John Jacobs | March 17, 2023

Swifties are up in arms after a Trans woman committed an ableist micro aggression in the comment section of Taylor Swifts newest music video “Cum Lover” on YouTube. Comments under the hit new video ranged from praise and love to love and praise and lots of talk about how hard it has been to get…

Gasparilla 2017

By Josh Santos | March 12, 2017

Having fun at Gasparilla! Let’s go Bolts!

Gasparilla Art Festival!

By Tampa News Force | March 7, 2017

Learning about art at the Gasparilla Art Festival!

Florida State Fair!

By Tampa News Force | February 21, 2017

Getting the public opinion at the fair!

Gasparilla Knight Parade!

By Tampa News Force | February 15, 2017

Meeting friends at the Gasparilla Knight Parade!

John Jacobs Featured on TBO

By Josh Santos | March 13, 2016

Comedian John Jacobs works to rebuild his career Stand-up comedian and former MTV reality star John Jacobs returned to Tampa in October. By Paul Guzzo TAMPA — If you work in the world of entertainment, and you figure a gig on one of those popular but temporary reality TV shows might give your career a…