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Which city is bigger: Tampa or New York? The answer might shock you

By John Jacobs | November 5, 2023

You probably better sit down for this

Five things to watch out for in Ybor

By Clark Brooks | November 4, 2023

In case you don’t already have a handy list of things to be afraid of, we made one for you because we’ve been told that, as a media outlet, that’s part of our job.

Lizzo says she’s “ready for sex again”

By John Jacobs | November 4, 2023

She’s back in the game!


Small Florida town woefully unprepared for mediocre comedy show

By Clark Brooks | November 3, 2023

What can a community do to protect themselves from something like this?

DeSantis Announces Ban on Anything That Helps the Environment

By Josh Santos | November 2, 2023

Make America Florida! 🇺🇸

Judge Rules Teslas on Autopilot Can’t Get Speeding Tickets

By Josh Santos | November 1, 2023

Are Tesla drivers getting the last laugh? 🤣

Dad's toilet

Tampa dad introduces new feature to this year’s haunted house

By Clark Brooks | October 31, 2023

Fun for the ‘hole family this year!

George Soros Set to Purchase University of South Florida

By Josh Santos | October 30, 2023

When will the WOKENESS end in Florida? 📚 😱


Tampa man declines to mark himself safe during The Shooting in Ybor City

By Clark Brooks | October 29, 2023

Are your friends and family okay?

Dr. Gaslight

5 signs your doctor is gaslighting you

By John Jacobs | October 29, 2023

Are you concerned about your health? you should be!