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Russian man wins TNF Comment Contest!


Here at Tampa News, we publish fresh content every single day, and as a result, we get lots and lots of comments! You won’t see many of them because almost all of them are spam. So many that we decided to have a contest with a grand prize for the 1,000,000th comment posted to the site. We didn’t bother to announce it because almost all of the commenters just send us spam. But we had the contest anyway and the winner is…


Hey, congratulations MarlinAbick! MarlinAbick lives in Russia and tries to con people into buying Black Market sports drinks or male sexual enhancement remedies or both. Hey MarlinAbick, how does it feel to win our big comment contest?
“Любите заниматься спортом в зале или дома тогда вам необходимо подписаться на сайт”
Ha ha ha! We couldn’t agree more, you huge piece of time-wasting shit!

Well, enjoy your grand prize, which is free subscriptions to a whole bunch of crappy email lists!