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Safety Harbor businessman hires Hackers

Hackers Helping

Safety Harbor businessman , Wilbur Harrington, recently read an article about computer passwords. He had never realized how easy they were to hack.

If you have 13 characters uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuations and symbols the average hacker can break your password in under a minute.

Harrington pondered this and thought, “my passwords only have a few characters and it still takes me over a minute to remember them.”

Recently Harrington spent 5 minutes trying to remember the password ‘AAAAAA’. He gave up and had to reset it.

Wilbur went straight to the dark web and found an ad. It said “FAST PASSWORD CRACKING FOR CHEAP”. He gave them his credit card number and signed up.

Harrington commented “It was the easiest process I have ever gone through.”

Now that he has signed up for this service Harrington has more time to devote to his technology business.

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