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Spring Break mayhem in Miami reaches new level

Miami Joker

As the Spring Break partying in Miami continues to spiral out of control, causing city officials to declare a state of emergency, the situation has become even more dangerous with Batman’s nemesis The Joker showing up in the city recently.

He was spotted Saturday when he climbed onto the roof of a car while waving an American flag, throwing money in the air and telling the gathered crowd, “COVID’s over, man. COVID’s over baby! F**k that!”

Health officials were quick to respond. “COVID is NOT over”, said Dr. Shelly Flunbar. “People should not be taking advice pertaining to public health conditions from a homicidal maniac who fell into a vat of chemicals. That’s just solid advice whether there’s a pandemic taking place of not.”

“People should definitely still be wearing masks”, she said. “And I don’t mean face-paint.”

Tampa Bay beach communities are monitoring the situation from a distance out of concern that the situation could spread northward.

“We have beautiful beaches and generally, spring breakers that come here are either families or students who are seeking a more relaxing experience in lieu of excessive and dangerous partying like what’s found in places like Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or Panama City Beach”, said Bay Area Tourism Department spokesperson Gabriel Lucent. “But that dynamic can change if Dr. Octopus suddenly shows up in Clearwater or Violator is spotted hanging around near Pass-A-Grille.”

Meanwhile, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis urged officials not to jump to conclusions and overreact. “Listen, it’s not like Thanos is running around down there. It’s just The Joker. He wants to get out of Gotham City for a while and unwind a little bit. Can you blame him? Maybe while he’s here, he’ll think about opening a poisonous gas franchise. Florida is open for business!”

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