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St. Pete man can’t believe it’s been 10 years since thing that he believes never happened, happened


Clelbert Whiggins of St. Petersburg can’t believe an entire decade has passed since an incident he refuses to acknowledge ever took place, totally took place.

“Wow, 10 whole years! Really? It seems like only yesterday that crisis actors, the Jews who own the media and the government all conspired to attempt a huge hoax designed to fool a bunch of gullible sheep who don’t listen to night-time talk radio like I do”, he said. “Probably because they did attempt such a thing yesterday, like they do all the time. Probably.”

“It makes sense, though”, he acknowledged. “The world is certainly a different place now than it was then.”

“These days you aren’t even allowed to speak freely, let alone think for yourself”, he said, speaking freely about something he definitely didn’t think of himself.

Clark Brooks

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