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St. Pete Man Only Uses Internet to Look Up How Much Stuff Used to Cost

St. Petersburg’s Robert Durfree received a computer from his granddaughter for his birthday last month but so far, the only thing he uses it for is to compare how much goods and services cost now as compared to 1976.

“He loves to discuss politics and we tried to tell him he could use it to keep up with that,” said his granddaughter Tiffany. “But he doesn’t”

“I already know Biden’s a crook. I don’t need robots to tell me that,” responded Durfree.

Instead, he uses it to examine inflation over the years, specifically between 1976 and 2024.

“He’s constantly telling me how much things cost in 1976. Hamburgers, AA batteries, snow tires, whatever those are,” said Tiffany. “And it’s not because he remembers; it’s because he looks this stuff up on line.”

“I used to get my hair cut for $1.75 in 1976. I’ve been going to the same place my whole life and the last time I was in there, they charged me $22. Lousy bastards,” he said.

He then pulled out the pad of paper and a pencil next to his computer and made some calculations.

“That’s an increase of 1375%!” he exclaimed incorrectly. “Fuckin’ Biden!”

“Other than this weird mental block, grandpa is very healthy and is going to be around a long time,” said Tiffany. “So I guess I can look forward to hearing about how much things like concert tickets used to cost.”

“$8, Paul McCartney and Wings at the Kingdome in Seattle,” yelled Robert from the other room.

Clark Brooks

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