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Stop negative thoughts now

Positive thoughts

If you’re reading this that means you’re troubled and wish to have the negative thoughts which constantly plague your brain stop. Well I’ve got some good news. I can help you make it stop right now. But it’s not permanent.

First I need you to stand up and start jumping. The motion will begin to release endorphins.

Now start singing out loud your favorite song, one that you know all of the words to by heart and don’t need to even think about.

Once your jumping and singing the song you like, I want you to close your eyes and begin looking into your mind for the negative thoughts.

These might be manifested as slightly darker synapses than the rest in your brain, take note of those and mentally glide over to these locations within your mind.

Make sure you are still jumping and singing, or this will give an opportunity for the negativity to take back over.

Once in front of the dark synapses, begin focusing on them, focus on their destruction. The harder you think about this, the quicker those dark synapses will be destroyed. You might see a visual popping or exploding of these synapses, but don’t be worried, this is good.

Continue to glide through your brain, focusing on, and exploding all of the dark synapses. This could take hours. You might feel your body and voice getting tired from the jumping and singing, but just remember this is only a one time thing, and after you finish this process, there will be no more negative thoughts, at least for an extended moment, longer than normal.

Complete the destruction of the negative synapses in your head, then lay on a flat surface, back to the ground, and pour water from a bottle directly on to your face, allowing water to go in your mouth as well.

Pour at least 3-4 water-bottles-full of water onto yourself then roll around a little bit.

This will give the water the dexterity to travel through your body more efficiently. Once you’ve ingested all the water and rolled around a little bit stand back up. 

Close your eyes again and try to find negative thoughts in your head. They’re not there anymore! Congratulations, you got rid of the negative thoughts. If they come back, feel free to do the process again.

John Jacobs

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