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Supply chain shortages impacting local gentlemen’s clubs

Empty Strip Stage

A disruption to global supply chains stemming from the shutdown of various industries in 2020 due to the COVID 19 pandemic are beginning to affect Tampa Bay Area strip clubs.

“What we’re seeing on our end in this industry is a critical shortage of strippers”, said Joe Redner, owner of the world famous Mons Venus in Tampa. “It’s business and business is business and all businesses are ultimately tied to all other businesses, so this is a business matter.”

“Eventually, sooner than later, this is going to directly impact the prostitution and porn industries just as badly”, he added. “Because they use the same women we do. And by ‘use’, I mean… well, you get it.”

This shortage is already having a detrimental effect and clubs are employing creatively unorthodox measures to keep their revenue streams flowing.

“We’ve taken to putting baskets on stage, trash cans, barrels. Pretty much any empty receptacle men can put money in. We’re doing whatever it takes to keep us viable”, Redner said. “But a DJ saying, ‘All right, fellas; coming to the stage now, it’s mop bucket!’ just does not have the same appeal.”

“There’s something untoward about giving money to an inanimate object”, he added.

“I don’t really mind, to tell you the truth”, said club patron Randy Holeston. “The level of genuine affection I get in return is about the same and I have a much lower probability of going home with open lesions. So, it’s a win-win for me. Or, lose-win, I guess.”

Clark Brooks

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