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Dunedin man wants this election crap over already

George Bascoat of Dunedin is sick and tired of hearing about the 2020 election and wants it finished. “What’s with this crap?”, he asked rhetorically. “The polls closed at 8 and it’s almost midnight and we still don’t know who won. Come on. This is a bunch of crap.” I told him that counting ballots…

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Top Five Bad Excuses for Not Voting (aside from just not wanting to)

Election 2020

Election Day is this Tuesday, November 3rd, with the race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump for President of the United States among many important issues set to be resolved by citizens participating in the democratic process of voting. A lot of people have already voted. Others are waiting for the “official” day-of. Many, many…

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Sinkhole aliens show up for early voting

Pasco County Early Voter

Today marks the start of early voting in Florida. Experts expect a record turnout after more than 25 million citizens in other states have already gone to the polls. In early October, a sinkhole opened up in Trinity on Little Road in front of Varsity Club Sports Bar. Since its inception, officials say the sinkhole…

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Early voting begins today in Florida

Dissension 2020

While we at Tampa News Force sincerely hope that the process is organized and peaceful for all involved and is not marred by uncivil confrontations or systemic errors, we also live here and know what’s likely to actually happen. And we’re here for all of that, even if we have to make it up. So please don’t act up, but if you plan on it, let us know so we can come out and get video.

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