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Temple Terrace woman’s neighbors somehow still setting off fireworks


Jennifer Flambert of Temple Terrace can’t believe that her neighbors are still setting off fireworks, almost two weeks after the 4th of July holiday. “How? How?!?”, she said. “Why? Why?!?” The amateur pyrotechnic exhibitions have been a nightly occurrence since a couple of days prior to the Independence Day weekend, which was on a Sunday…

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Group practices social distancing immediately after cookout

Attendees at Ronald and Debbie Flagsmore’s 4th of July cookout in Seminole Heights demonstrated exemplary social distancing practices, as soon as the event ended.  “Well, gotta go”, said Cheryl Wooding, just as Debbie got up from her lawn chair and started to gather items to take back inside. “I don’t want to expose anyone unnecessarily…

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Epic battle between Freedom and Responsibility scheduled for Independence Day

An incredible winner-take-all, to-the-death, royal rumble, no-holds-barred, melee-style fight between Freedom and Responsibility will take place at the Festival Hall located on the Florida State Fairgrounds just east of Tampa, tomorrow evening. Both opponents are heavily invested in the outcome and spoke to the media at a weigh-in ceremony at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel…

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