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Pope declares “no redemption” for 717 parking attendants

Pope mad at 717 Parking

Pope Francis has earned quite a reputation for himself as the forward-thinking, progressive head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican. He first made headlines in 2014 with his controversial declaration that homosexuality is not a sin, and the Catholic Church should not oppress people based on sexual orientation the same way they…

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Family Disowns Son For Taking Job With 717 Parking

Family disowns man for taking job with 717 Parking

Justin Rooper, a sophomore at the University of South Florida, has been disowned by his family for taking a part-time job with 717 Parking. “This is it, the last straw. No son of mine…” says Todd Rooper, Justin’s father, before being overwhelmed by grief and anger. His wife Carol patted her husband’s shoulder and said,…

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