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TNF Editor loses huge stockpile of amazing comedy


Larry Inkvein, a lower level editor with the Editing Division of the Editorial Department at Tampa News Force, has apparently lost hundreds, maybe dozens, of brilliantly written, hysterically funny comedy news articles due to being an inattentive dumbass. “Ah, fuck,” he said. “Apparently when I was scheduling those beauties, I inadvertently dated them for 2022…

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TNF celebrates posting of 1000th article: this one

1000 Posts

Watergate. The Challenger Disaster. 9/11.Tampa News Force wasn’t there to cover any of those stories. Mostly because all those things happened a long time ago and also none of them happened in the Tampa Bay Area anyway, so they probably didn’t really affect anyone who lives here too much. We don’t know; like we said,…

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