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DeSantis fixes controversial sculpture


Following an incident for which a Tallahassee private school’s principal was forced to resign due to parents complaining that a photo of Michaelangelo’s Renaissance masterpiece sculpture of David being shown to students was “pornographic”, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken it upon himself to remedy the situation for the benefit of all concerned. “There. All…

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Local residents express displeasure with airport flamingo name


After receiving 65,000 ideas submitted to Tampa International Airport’s contest to name the giant flamingo that is the centerpiece of the 21-foot tall sculpture titled “Home” by artist Matthew Mazzotta, a winner has been chosen; it’s “Phoebe” and people hate it. “We understood when we launched the contest that some people would inevitably be disappointed.…

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Local filmmaker wishes his latest masterpiece was Korean


A Tampa Bay artist who goes by the name ‘Qliquebait’ (“It’s ironic, get it? You probably don’t get it”, he says) is regretting that his latest short film is not Korean. “This Korean director has stolen my thunder”, he says. “Anybody can make the next Harry Potters, superficial feel-good movies designed to please the sheep…

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