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Tampa Sex Club Forced to Shut Down Ass Eating Night

Ass eater

Due to unnecessary red-tape and regulation from the Democrats in Tallahassee, Ass Eating Night in the popular Tampa Bay Area Sex Club, Oxfords’ Sex Exchange, has been put on hiatus until further notice. “Those bureaucrats in the capital need get out of the way,” said OSE owner and operator Lexman Hothman.  “Ass Eating Night is…

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With spring in full bloom, ass eating season is officially over

Tampa Meteorology Center – Hillsborough County – Friday, 2.22.2019 As Florida’s six week winter comes to a close, so do the mouths of residents who eat ass. It’s late February, it’s 85 degrees, swamp ass is back. Luckily for local love birds we had a Valentine’s Day under 70 degrees so it was safe to…

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