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The nominations for the 2022 Best of the Bay Awards, presented by Creative Loafing, are now open! Let’s just skip all the bullshit: We want an award and the only way we will get one is to first, get nominated and then second, get voted for. We’ll bug you about the second part later, but…

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USPS replacing mailboxes with Creative Loafing newspaper boxes

Following accusations that the United States Postal Service has been removing letter collection boxes in an effort to inhibit people’s ability to vote by mail, they have announced that they will be replacing them with Creative Loafing vending racks. “Listen, the mailboxes we picked up are gone. That happened. They’re not coming back,” says USPS…

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2020 Best of the Bay awards swept by one winner

Best of the Bay 2020 Winners Announced

For the first time in the history of the Best of the Bay awards, every single category was awarded to a single winner. “This is a truly unprecedented development. We’re pleased, yet somewhat chagrined, to announce that the winner of every single 2020 award is Coron A. Virus,” said awards administrator  Clair Sinclair. “It’s all…

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