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Man caught putting stickers on eggs at Publix


A man was spotted placing stickers saying “I DID THAT” with a picture of President Joe Biden on them on cartons of eggs at the Publix grocery store at 2724 W. Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa yesterday. “Hey, get out of here! You can’t do that!” said a grocery bagger at the store. “Why the hell…

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Sticker company stock crashing as gas prices begin to drop

StickCo, the company that manufactures the Joe Biden “I DID THAT!” stickers has seen their stock prices plummet as gas prices are down more than .30 a gallon at some Tampa Bay Area gas stations. “This is a disaster! We were doing so well!” said StickCo spokesperson Mary Remilade. “Typically, our clientele is schoolchildren, kids…

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Seffner man wants Biden to give him his hour back

Biden Time

Randy Spragg of Seffner woke up this morning to find that an hour of his day had been taken away and he wants the President of the United States to give it back. “Biden ruins everything! He’s the worst! He’s taking away our freedom, he’s taking away inexpensive gas, he’s taking away our great relationship…

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Brooksville changes its name


The city of Brooksville in Hernando County, originally named after a pro-slavery to the point of being physically violent South Carolina senator named Preston Brooks, has decided to change its name to Gosarville, in honor of anti-immigrant to the point of pretending to be physically violent Arizona congressman Paul Gosar. “For years, people – mostly…

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DeSantis accepts support from Biden, becomes physically ill

Sick Ron

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis expressed appreciation to President Joe Biden for leading the federal response to the collapse of a condo building in the coastal suburb of Surfside last week. “You recognized the severity of this tragedy from day one, and you’ve been very supportive”, he said, wincing in obvious discomfort and addressing Biden as…

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Biden and Trump reach historic agreement

In a historically unprecedented move, as well as an uncharacteristic display of cooperation in this highly contentious election campaign, the two presidential candidates, Republican incumbent Donald Trump and Democrat challenger Joe Biden, have worked out a mutually beneficial deal mere hours before the polls close nationwide. At an accidental breakfast meeting at the Waffle House…

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Trump Declares Victory in Florida, Nation

It‘s Election Day, November 3 2020, and it’s the culmination of one of the most important elections in American History. The race features incumbent President Donald Trump vs. the Democratic nominee for President Joe Biden in a tight contest for the White House. A record number of Americans have already voted, with millions more planning…

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Man Heckling Joe Biden Turns Out to Be Mirror

Scranton, PA — Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was recorded getting into a spirited discussion with what he called an “old man heckler” at one of his final campaign stops before the election. The heckler turned out to be a full-length mirror he was passing on his way to an interview.  “He wouldn’t let me get a word in,”…

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