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Tampa man’s Uber Eats history triggers mental health algorithm


A recent spate of online food orders has resulted in a mental health counselor visiting the home of Tampa’s Johan Philippi. “Totally unnecessary”, he said. “A person can’t enjoy the luxury of having food delivered to them at home without signaling a cry for help?” “In certain cases: no”, said Kathryn Helpself, a counsellor with…

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Checkers rolls out pumpkin spice lard

Pumpkin Spice Checkers

As summer comes to an end, more seasonal dining options are being presented, including the especially delightful annual tradition of Checkers cooking all their menu items with their award-winning pumpkin spice lard. “Yes, once again autumn is upon us and people crave the traditional celebratory elements of the season”, said Checkers spokesperson Cheryl Mundegard. “Hay…

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