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Top Five Self-Defense Tactics For Local Comedians

Get him!

This list is intended specifically for comedians currently practicing their craft in the Tampa Bay Area. That doesn’t mean non-comedians and/or non-local residents can’t read it, just that those people might not get any value from it, unless they’re planning to attack a local comedian at some point and want to see what they might…

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Local comedic geniuses unable to reach consensus on 50 Cent joke


Three of Tampa Bay’s best up-and-coming humorists have reached an impasse over what is officially the best “50 Cent is fat” joke. Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, appeared at the Super Bowl LVI halftime show, performing his signature hit song “In da Club”. Mr. Jackson, or Mr. Cent,…

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Tampa News Force official 2021 holiday gift guide


It’s holiday season once again, when you disappoint your loved ones with the things you buy for them instead of your actions and life choices, like the rest of the time. In an ultimately futile effort to minimize the damage you’re going to incur/cause, we proudly present the 2021 edition of the Tampa News Force…

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Brady honed White House comedy chops at Tampa Bay open mics

Brady Open Mic

“What a great experience”, said Brady. “Really effective means of practicing. Nobody was there so there was no pressure. And some, not all, of the comics were very supportive and helpful. I’ll definitely do this again when we win next year’s Super Bowl, Ooops, I mean ‘IF’ we win next year! Ha ha!”

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Local performers failing to cash in on Cryptocurrency trend

Rebekah and Rob

As Bitcoin and Dogecoin and various other virtual or digital currencies continue to re-write the world’s financial landscape, one form of cryptocurrency continues to lag behind: Exposurebucks. Rebekah Pulley and her partner Rob Pastore are two of the most popular and critically acclaimed musicians in the Tampa Bay Area, performing together as The Rebekah Pulley…

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St. Pete improv troupe welcomes new member

Improv Troupe

The Sketch Fetchers, one of St. Petersburg’s less reviled and therefor most popular improv comedy troupes has added a new cast member. Derek Flivers, the troupe’s leader made the introduction at their “Comedy Improv Throwdown Blast Jam” show Friday night. “Everybody, please welcome our latest addition, Elizabeth from Knoxville!”, said the group’s leader. The audience,…

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Seminole Heights comedy club cancelled before opening

Killer's Comedy Club

A new comedy club slated to open in the trendy Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa has been cancelled by outraged residents. Orlando business man Marvin Killwich who is behind the venture is bitterly disappointed. “I can’t believe it. I thought people who lived here were progressive and open-minded. I guess they’re just a bunch of…

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Cemetery not found underneath Best Buy

Turns out that the Best Buy on Dale Mabry is the only place in Tampa not built on top of a forgotten cemetery

The Best Buy located on North Dale Mabry is officially the only structure in Tampa that is not located on top of an abandoned cemetery, studies concluded. After a full infrared scan of Tampa, it was discovered that every single plot of land contained a forgotten cemetery, complete with caskets and corpses. “It’s amazing, because…

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