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Partially treated Wastewater ranked more delicious than Aquafina


A recent blind taste test conducted in Tampa concluded that the partially treated wastewater that gets dumped in Hillsborough river is more delicious than bottled water brand Aquafina. “What did you say this was?” Asked Michael Beech, one of the taste test participants.  “Partially treated wastewater,” said Shellard Pimblo, one of the organizers of the…

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Ybor woman yells at guys in hard hats

As the city of Tampa and some surrounding areas continued to operate under a boil water notice that will be in effect until at least Thursday due to a water main being ruptured Monday, the level of tension seems to be rising among some citizens. Sarah Creamings of Ybor City witnessed a couple of workmen…

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Tampa man not falling for broken water main hoax

Biff Crumbler of Tampa is refusing to comply with the citywide boil water advisory issued after a large water main coming out of the David L. Tippin Water Treatment Facility was ruptured yesterday. “How do I know a water main was ruptured? Because the media says so? Yeah, okay”, he said. “I got news for you,…

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