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Dunedin woman loves Mexico and Mexicans today

Cinco de Mayo

Stephanie Ragnarok of Dunedin gets excited on May 5th every year and this year is no exception. “It’s Cinco de Mayo, baby!” she said. “Party like a chihuahua! Mexican civil war! Wooooo!” Cinco de Mayo is a yearly celebration held on May 5, which commemorates the anniversary of Mexico’s victory over the French Empire at…

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Local tree’s life suddenly a nightmare, due to image of Jesus

Local tree

A tree in a quiet residential neighborhood off Pinehurst Road in Dunedin is suddenly the subject of unwanted attention because of what looks like the image of Jesus Christ appearing in its branches. The tree, a Florida Sugar Maple, is perplexed. “It’s not like I’m a new tree; I’m not a sapling. I’ve looked like…

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TNF Baseball Giveaway!

TNF Baseball Giveaway

Join two genuine Tampa News Force personnel – NOT John Jacobs – to watch a baseball game! We have four extra tickets – GOOD ASS SEATS, FRONT ROW BEHIND HOME PLATE! – for the game between the Dunedin Blue Jays and Lakeland Flying Tigers Baseball Team this Thursday, July 22nd, 6:30 pm, at the TD…

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Dunedin theatre company casts summer show


“We are thrilled to welcome two new, supremely-talented performers to the GLMBDT family, both of whom moved here specifically to star in our big summer show!”, said Glen Hibley, artistic director for the venerable, local performing arts/all-you-can-eat crab legs buffet institution.

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Dunedin man gifts newlywed couple with social media

Shared Facebook account

Eric Schnuntz of Dunedin has presented a joint Facebook account to his best friend Danny Malgloon as a wedding present. “I consider myself something of a web designer and a social media expert”, said Schnuntz. “So what better gift could I give than something I create that is free?” “It’s something they can work on…

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Super Bowl inspires terrible Tampa Bay band

The Buccaneers making it to Super Bowl LV has many Tampa Bay residents fired up, including one particularly awful local band. “Any time a team makes it to the Super Bowl, bands in that team’s town write and record an anthemic hype song for fans and players to rally behind”, says Corey Slinkter, front man…

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Golf cart company severs some contact with The Villages

Pete’s Puttering Putt-Putts, a luxury golf cart dealership in Largo would like the general public to know that they no longer do any business whatsoever with customers who reside in The Villages. “We’d like people to know that,” says Pete Putterman, owner and CEO. “But it isn’t true. Are you kidding? That’s the source of…

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Uber Eats driver is most trusted healthcare professional in Tampa Bay

A recent poll of consumer satisfaction trends indicates that Ryan Milger, a delivery driver for Uber Eats, is considered the most trustworthy healthcare professional in the Tampa Bay region. “You can’t trust doctors and nurses these days,” says Beverly Rimsworth of Dunedin. “Doctors make money from people being classified as being sick. Food delivery drivers…

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