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Every Taylor Swift Wardrobe Malfunction Ranked

Tampa News Force’s newest owner, Taylor Swift, is known for being very wholesome and only doing nasty stuff for people she is romantically involved with. So today, we are counting down the best times her wardrobe didn’t comply with her. 5. Early Elbow Reveal Taylor Swift is known for never showing her elbows, a part…

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Local babies protest gigantic headbands

Baby Bows

A tightly organized coalition of babies who were all born at Tampa General Hospital are protesting head bands with bows and flowers that are being placed on their heads against their will. “CIS Female babies. Get it right”, said Amanda, the lady baby leader. “Males aren’t being subjected to this degradation and oppression. So typical.”…

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Tampa man says new Victoria’s Secret Angels are not up-to-par

No More Angels

Mark McFulmph of Tampa is really disappointed with the re-branding of lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret’s image. “These aren’t Angels. They’re like the opposite of angels, whatever that is,” he said. “Demons, I guess. Unsexy demons.” The company announced last Wednesday that it was abandoning their “Angels” campaign, which featured fashion models who wore the brand’s…

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